Friday, November 12, 2021

What are Pellet Guns ?

Pellet Guns are air or gas powered guns that shoot a caliber bullet called "pellet(s)". Pellets are large and lethal. A pellet gun can be powered via pump action, break barrel, or gas powered. Typically pellet guns are bolt action, but as of 2020 newer pellet rifles feature a magazine and CO2 canisters that can shoot several pellets in semi-automatic fashion.

What are BB guns ?

BB guns are air or gas powered guns that shoot metal ball bearings (BBs). 

What are Bows ?

Bows consist of curved bows, compound bows, straight bows, crossbows, etc. You pull the string back, aim, and release the built up tension. Bows shoot arrows, bolts, and darts. 

What are Pellets ?

Pellets are miniature metal bullets that do NOT use gun powder and do NOT have a bullet casing. Pellets are measured using caliber that ranges from x to y.

What are BBs ?

BBs are ball bearings. On this website we are referring to metal BBs: copper, steel, etc. Metal BB ammo is measured in caliber that ranges from x to y. 

What are Arrows ?

Arrows will consist of ammunition for a bow, crossbow or dart launcher. 

arrowBBpellet is a website about...

arrowBBpellet centers around hunting without using gun-powder. Hunting animals using a bow and arrow, using metal BBs, or using pellet ammunition. 

Curved bow, compact bow, and crossbow; BB gun and pellet gun; pump action rifle and break barrel rifle; CO2 pistol and CO2 rifle; "air gun"; pneumatic weapons not using gun powder.